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Ways to Celebrate Poetry

Ways to Celebrate Poetry After reading and writing poetry in the month of April, you can end your celebration with a wide variety of activities.  One activity would be to hold an open mic night.  This could be done for the month of April in lieu of a traditional kids book club.  Organizing this poetry reading is a breeze if you read and follow

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Poetry Writing Activities: Poetry4Kids and ReadWriteThink

Poetry Writing Activities Inspired by reading such a wide variety of poems, your child may be interested in penning their own poems.  There are so many different types of poetry that children can learn to write, beyond just rhyming couplets.  There are also many online resources to help you and your child get started. Poetry4Kids Poetry4Kids is a great starting point.  This online guide

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Introducing Your Child to Poetry

National Poetry Month is this April and it is a great time to introduce your children to reading, writing, and celebrating poetry.  Many books written for babies and toddlers are told through rhyming poetry including books written by Dr. Seuss, Eric Carl, and Sandra Boynton.  Exposing young children to the sounds of poetry has proven to build phonemic awareness.  Reading these stories aloud will

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