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Reading Bingo

A fun game that I have been playing recently with my daughter is reading bingo. This idea was suggested by our local library to help encourage summer reading and to prevent the summer slide. The summer slide refers to the slip in learning gains that happens over the summer when children aren’t in school. With reading bingo, you setup a bingo card with reading

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Great Reading Games for Learning Fun Anytime

Alphabet Game These reading games can be played for learning fun anytime.  The first game is the Alphabet Game.  Very simply, wherever you are, you find objects that start with each letter of the alphabet in order.  To add writing and spelling components to this game you can have your child write them down the words that you list together.  If they are hard

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Reading Games and Activities on the Road

Reading Games and Activities on the Road If you are on the road heading to a vacation destination, a fun reading game to play is the license plate game.  While you are driving, you try to see how many different state license plates that you can see on your travels.  To keep track, you can use this handy sheet.  If you want to reuse

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Vocabulary Games & Crafts

While your child’s teacher provides the direct instruction at school for your child to develop their vocabulary skills, providing extra practice at home can help your child to extend upon what they have learned in school.  There are many vocabulary games (online, apps and traditional board games) as well as craft activities that can be used to make learning vocabulary fun at home. One

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