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Reading Out Loud to Increase Reading Comprehension

In our increasing reading comprehension series, we have already discussed how taking notes, drawing pictures, and making timelines can be useful. One of the best ways to increase reading comprehension though is by reading out loud. How Reading Out Loud Helps There are several reasons why a child may struggle to understand a story.  They could be losing focus on the story, not understanding

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Parents – Reading Out Loud to Your Children

Children learn much of their attitude toward reading from their parents.  If a parent likes to read, often times the child will enjoy reading as well.  However, the opposite is also true.  One way that you can share a love of reading with your child is by reading out loud to them.  Here are some helpful hints to make reading out loud fun and

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Poetry: Reading Out Loud

Poetry has a lyrical beautiful sound to it when it is read out loud.  Your child may love reading poetry out loud without any special strategies, but just in case they don’t, here are some ways that you can make reading poetry more fun. Hold a Poetry Reading Tell your children that they are going to put on a poetry reading for you as

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