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The Importance of Inferring

Whether we know it or not, all of us make assumptions or come to conclusions as we read.  When we read that a character left the house holding an umbrella, we assume that it is raining.  When a character has to stretch to reach a top shelf, we come to the conclusion that the character is short.  These assumptions and conclusions are called inferences.

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Strategies for Reading Unknown Words

As your child grows as a reader, it will be common for them to come across words that they don’t already know. When this happens, the tendency on the part of a fluent reader (like a parent) is to simply say the word for the child and allow them to keep reading. However, always giving them the unknown word does not help your child

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Teaching Your Child about the Parts of a Book

Five Parts of a Book There are five parts of a book that every child should know how to identify and use.  You can help your children learn about these important tools while you read with them. Title Page The title page is the page directly inside the front cover that lists the title, author, illustrator, and publishing company. When reading a book, it

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