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Books vs. Movies

There are many books, both classics and new favorites, that screenwriters have adapted into hit movies.  While you definitely want to encourage your children to read and not to just watch videos, this actually provides a teachable moment where you can have your child both read the book and watch the movie adaptation.  It allows you to lead a discussion to compare and contrast

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How to Pick a Book for Book Club

After you have decided on your group and built a structure with the “buy-in” from the adults, the next thing you need to do is pick high-quality books for your children’s book club.  For younger children, it would be best if the parents primarily choose the books to expose the children to books beyond what they have already read. However, including an addition book

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Creating a Book Club for Your Children

A fun and creative way to get your children and their friends interested in reading is by creating a book club just for them.  This idea gained intense popularity when Oprah decided to create a book club where individuals would read a certain book that was chosen by Oprah for that month and then she would have a discussion on her talk show about

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Building Vocabulary – Synonyms & Shades of Words

An important area of knowledge for your child to expand over the summer is their vocabulary. This helps to make their writing more in depth and meaningful as well as increasing the ability for them to comprehend more complex words when reading. There are fun activities that you can do at home to help them develop their vocabulary skills, especially by increasing the variety

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Apps to Create Your Own eBooks at Home

In the final post in our series on a toolbox of apps for parents to help their children read, you will learn about apps that you can use to create your own stories. Our Story is a free interactive app where a parent can create digital storybooks based on digital pictures from their camera roll and text that the parent writes.  For example, you

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Summer Reading Tips

As the school year comes to a close and summer is just around the corner, it is important for children to continue learning, even though they are not in school.  One way to help build upon their gains from the previous school year is by encouraging your children to continue to read over the summer.  This will prevent what teachers refer to as the

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