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Conflict in Stories

Every good story has a problem of some kind.  In literary terms the problem is called a conflict.  Conflict is part of what keeps the story flowing.  There are several main types of conflict found within stories. External Confict External conflicts are problems between the main character and other people or things around him. A story may have several of these conflicts throughout it

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Onomatopoeia – Figurative Language

Figurative language is language that authors use to make their writing more colorful.  Alliteration, hyperbole, similes and metaphors, personification, and idioms allow writers to say things in more interesting ways.  The last type of figurative language we will discuss is onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia The simplest way to explain onomatopoeia to children is by telling them that onomatopoeia words are sound words.  You could also say

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Idioms – Figurative Language

Authors use figurative language often to make their writing more vivid, but it can be a struggle for some children to understand figures of speech such as hyperbole, similes and metaphors, and personification.  Idioms are another type of figurative language that can be confusing for children. Idioms Idioms are phrases that put together common words to form a meaning completely different from the dictionary

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