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Tools for Picking Just Right Books

We all know that it is important for our children to read. Reading on a regular basis helps them grow into stronger readers. But just reading any book is not as beneficial as when a child picks up a book that is just right for them. So how do you help your child in picking just right books? Picking the Right Topic You probably

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Fun Sources for Nonfiction Reading

As adults, most of us read nonfiction on a regular basis.  We read the newspaper or magazines. We look up information online or read our favorite blogs.  But when we think of children being required to read nonfiction, we tend to picture long boring books without any pictures.  In reality, there are many, many sources of interesting nonfiction out there for our children to

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Practicing Oral Reading on Video

Many children love to see themselves in pictures and in videos.  They make silly faces and beg to see how the picture turned out.  They ham it up for the video camera and then want to watch the clip over and over again.  Why not use this desire as a way to practice oral reading? Most laptops or tablets these days come with a

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Compare Books and Movies

These days, many of the movies being produced are based on popular children and teen books.  These movies provide a great opportunity to teach your child how to compare different media forms.  After all, a book and a movie tell the exact same story in very different ways.  By both reading the book and watching the movie with your child, you can have an

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Take Summer Reading High-Tech

Taking Summer Reading High-Tech In this final post on summer reading strategies, taking summer reading high-tech will be the focus.  Technology is a big motivator for children and if you can combine reading and technology it creates a win-win situation.   Between iPads, eReaders like the Nook and Kindle, and reading tablets like the Leap Pad and Innotab, there are many different ways that you

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