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The Tournament: World Cup Reading

The World Cup is a soccer championship held every four years.  It has been exciting to watch the games, cheer for favorite teams, and chart the winners to see who moves on to the next round.  You can hold your own World Cup tournament of books with your child. Tournament Setup Either you or your child should choose 32 books to read for the

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The Players: World Cup Reading

World Cup fever is in the air this summer.  Everyone is talking about the sport of soccer, the countries playing, and the players themselves.  Children who are enjoyed watching the World Cup will like reading these books based on some famous soccer players throughout the years. (And they will be reading biographies – a genre that many children tend to avoid.) Stars of the

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The Sport of Soccer: World Cup Reading

The sport of soccer is a popular topic this summer.  Everyone is watching and talking about the World Cup.  If your child enjoyed watching the World Cup games this year, then they will probably enjoy reading about soccer as well.  You will score a goal with some of these books about the sport of soccer. Soccer Books for Young Children Even little children will

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The Countries: World Cup Reading

Soccer is popular world-wide, and there are many countries that participate in the World Cup games.  If your child enjoyed watching the different games, you have a great opportunity to encourage them to read about some of the countries that played. Emphasize Geography Reading about soccer around the world is a great way to not only encourage reading, but also mix in some geography

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