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President’s Day Writing Activities

President’s Day is a federal holiday used to honor the current and past Presidents of the United States.  It was originally coined as Washington’s Birthday and was established to celebrate the life and work of our first president, George Washington. Since President’s Day is a federal holiday, the majority of the schools around the country will be off on this day and you can do

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Creating a Book with Your Child – Putting it All Together

When your child is ready to create their masterpiece, you need to collect the materials.  To make a “fancy” book, they will need poster board, contact paper, scissors, and legal printer paper.  First, fold the legal printer paper in half.  Use this as a traceable and place it on top of the poster board.  You will need to make two halves for the cover

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Writing a Book with Your Child – First Draft

After your child has their idea for their book, they should write a first draft.  For the rough draft, you can help them to organize their thoughts using a web diagram.  Eduplace has a variety of story maps that you could use with your child to plan their story.  This will help your child to plan out their story into sequential ideas.  For older

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Writing Letters

Another activity to get kids writing at home is to write letters.  Children can write letters to other family members, like grandparents, who may live far away.  Then they could write back and start a chain of on-going letters.  They could also start writing to a pen pal, like a friend or cousin who may live in a different state.  For older children, you

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Encouraging Your Kids to Write at Home

Children are always encouraged to read at home by teachers, but unfortunately, this same suggestion is not always made for writing.  However, reading and writing are intrinsically linked and the more children write the better they become at reading.  There are many different ways that you can get your children interested in writing at home with fun activities and incorporating it into their everyday

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