Take Summer Reading High-Tech

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Taking Summer Reading High-Tech

In this final post on summer reading strategies, taking summer reading high-tech will be the focus.  Technology is a big motivator for children and if you can combine reading and technology it creates a win-win situation.   Between iPads, eReaders like the Nook and Kindle, and reading tablets like the Leap Pad and Innotab, there are many different ways that you can offer your child to read over the summer beyond just a paperback.

Reading on iPad

The iPad provides the ability to download eBook copies of popular novels, interactive kids stories (go into the app store, select more, books, and then interactive kids stories), as well as reading comprehension and vocabulary apps.  There is a wealth of options appealing to all ages and interests.  One down side to the iPad is that it is difficult to read on it outdoors due to the bright sunlight.  This is where the Nook and Kindle are great.  The pages are crisp and clear to read outdoors.  They are also priced less and a bit smaller, making them easier for travel.  However, they do not provide as many options for overall use as the iPad.

Reading on Leap Pad and Innotab

The Leap Pad and Innotab are great and durable for younger readers.  These devices provide stories integrated with games and activities.  Depending on the story, it can also provide options like highlighting or selecting words to be read aloud or hearing an entire narration of the story.  Children can even get definitions of words while they are reading the story.

What device did you decide to get for your children to be able to read and build their skills?  How are you going to use it to encourage your child to read over the summer?  Planning is an important part of making technology work to maximum potential.

What other summer reading strategies are you going to implement to keep your children reading over the summer?

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