Taking Notes to Increase Reading Comprehension

We all want our children to understand and be able to remember what they have read in books. There are several fun ways to help your children increase their reading comprehension levels.  In this series, we will look at several of those ways and how you can use them with your children.

One of the best ways to increase reading comprehension is by taking notes on the story. If a child cannot remember who the main characters are, the events that happened, or the problem in the story, he will obviously struggle to understand what is taking place.  Taking notes gives your child the ability to look back and remind himself of important characters and events while reading.

What to Write Down

Make sure your child understands that he only needs to take notes on the important events of the story.  (You don’t want your child to rewrite the entire story.)  They should also write a short note about each new character that is introduced.  Older children may want to write down how the character is related to other characters or what their job is.

Make Taking Notes Fun

Suggesting that your child take notes on a story may make the task feel like just more work.  However, using a few simple ideas may make taking notes a little more fun.  If your child is just using a piece of paper to take notes, they may have more fun with it if you let them use colorful pens or markers to take notes. (Not only is this more fun, but your child could also use the pens to color code their notes. They could use one color for character notes, another color for important events, another color for setting details, and so on.)  Another fun way to take notes is to use sticky notes. Children love using sticky notes!  Give your child several different colors and let them write important details and character notes on the sticky notes.  Just make sure they keep all the sticky notes together. You don’t want to lose any of the notes!

Taking notes can help your child learn to remember what they are reading.  It also helps them learn to identify what is important to remember in a story. Our next post will discuss using drawings to increase reading comprehension.

What other ideas have you used with your child to make taking notes fun?

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