The Best Balance for Advanced Readers

When you Google the term “reading”, you may notice that all of the top hits are about reading remediation and how to help the struggling reader. However, this is not the only challenge that parents could have with their children and the process of learning to read. Some children are amazing readers, but it is still important to support and assist in book choice to make sure that their love and passion for reading continues. Just as much as a parent with a struggling reader needs to nurture their development, this can also be said for a parent of a child with an advanced reader.  Finding the best balance for advanced readers can be challenging, but also very rewarding.

One of the biggest struggles is to find books that your child loves while also challenging their comprehension ability, building vocabulary skills and identifying age appropriate themes. Depending upon your comfort level it may be inappropriate to have an elementary aged child reading books meant for middle school children and the same for middle school to high school. Here are some beginning tips for your advanced reader.

  • Don’t just say “no” when they want to read a book that you do not approve. Instead, guide them into themes and authors that you know they already like.
  • OR – If they insist on reading a book that is too mature, suggest to read it with them so that you can help support their emotional development and understanding of the themes and language in the novel.
  • Pre-read books to determine if they are appropriate and if your child will enjoy the book. It’s also okay for your child to read books under their reading level, especially if you think they will really enjoy the story.
  • Develop a good relationship with your local librarian and bookstore.
  • Use the internet as a tool to search for book lists and local and virtual book clubs.
  • Find additional tips on this site by Dr. Bertie Kingore about advanced readers.

This series on the best balance for advanced readers will help to provide suggestions for parents to make the best and informed choices for their children. How do you support your advanced reader at home?

Photo by:  David Goehring

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