The Importance of Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary Development

It is important for children to develop strong vocabulary skills in order to express themselves clearly and meaningfully both in written and spoken formats.  It is not only imperative for education, language arts, and reading, but it is also to present themselves in public as an educated individual.   Developing a wide set of vocabulary and vocabulary skills begins early in a child’s life and continues through their education at school.  Elementary school is a large part of the development of a child’s vocabulary.  It is important to help your child at home to expand their vocabulary and provide meaningful activities at home for vocabulary development.

One of the best ways for children to build their vocabulary skills is through the method of drill and practice.  That means that they see the words repeatedly in a variety of contexts to help them practice using the word, reading the word, and even spelling the word, until they are able to memorize and apply the word in meaningful situations.  However, this does not mean that you have to use worksheets or complete mundane lessons on vocabulary skills at home in order for your child to develop their vocabulary skills.  There are many more engaging activities that children can do at home like playing online learning games and use hands on materials as well as develop their skills through reading a wide variety of high-quality books.

Eduplace is a great resource for parents (and teachers) to learn more about the important and how to develop a child’s vocabulary skills.

Look for our continued series on vocabulary, with part two focusing on vocabulary crafts and games.

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