Tools for Picking Just Right Books

We all know that it is important for our children to read. Reading on a regular basis helps them grow into stronger readers. But just reading any book is not as beneficial as when a child picks up a book that is just right for them. So how do you help your child in picking just right books?

Picking the Right Topic

You probably already have some idea of the kinds of books your child likes.  Do they prefer fiction or nonfiction? Do they read more realistic books or science fiction?  Maybe they even have a series that they have finished and loved.  But how do you find more books on that topic?  Goodreads is an online reading community that shares book reviews and recommendations. The great thing is that many of the members also list books by topic.  You can find a list of recommended books on almost any topic you can think of.  These lists will give you ideas of other books your child may be interested in.

Picking the Right Reading Level

Another key to picking just right books is making sure they are on the right reading level for your child. But how can you be sure? Scholastic books has an excellent online tool called the Book Wizard. It allows you to type a book title into a search box. The tool then gives you information about the book including the reading level the book is written at.  This ensures that your child will be able to understand the books they have chosen.

Knowing how to pick books that are just right for them is an important skill for a growing reader.  You can help your child develop this ability by guiding them in their reading choices and using the tools above. How do you help your child choose just right books?

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