Top 100 Children’s Books

Parents, now that Amazon has partnered with GoodReads, an online social media site geared toward reading and book reviews, to determine the top 100 children’s books (birth to age 12), you can get a list of the top 100 children’s books to read in a lifetime by clicking the link provided. The editors compiled this list based on books that made a memorable impact on their lives and that they fondly remember as being great books. They avoided books that seemed like “homework.”

I felt that this was a great list to share with readers as I fondly remember so many of these books as well. This is a great starting point for a new parent or those who are looking for book suggestions for their children. This list provides the information on each book, including a summary, and appropriate age range. This makes it a valuable tool for parents to use to support their children’s love of reading at home!

Photo by: KOMUnews

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