The Tournament: World Cup Reading

The World Cup is a soccer championship held every four years.  It has been exciting to watch the games, cheer for favorite teams, and chart the winners to see who moves on to the next round.  You can hold your own World Cup tournament of books with your child.

Tournament Setup

Either you or your child should choose 32 books to read for the tournament.  (If you feel like it is too difficult for your child to read 32 books, you could shorten the tournament to 16 or even 8 books.)  You may want to limit the books to either one subject (like soccer) or one genre (like realistic fiction).  Fill in a blank bracket poster with the titles of the chosen books in the outside spots.

Tournament Play

Each “game” is played simply by reading the two books facing each other in the bracket.  After reading both books, have a discussion time to talk about both the books.  Let your child decide which book he like better which will move on in the tournament.  You will probably want to have your child write down what they like about the book or some main points to help them remember it for future games.

After the first 16 games, all the books will have been read.  Then your child can either reread books for the next round of games, or he can simply look back at the reviews and notes he wrote about the books to choose the game winners.

Tournament Winner

Although your child is the real winner here for reading 32 books, one book from the list will be chosen as your child’s favorite.  Make a big deal of the book tournament winner by displaying it somewhere in your house.  You could even display your child’s notes or review of the book next to it with a big trophy or blue ribbon.

Your child will have fun reenacting their own World Cup tournament with books.  In fact, they may enjoy it so much that they will want to hold another tournament soon after.  What type of books will you include in your World Cup tournament?

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