Tween Story Favorites – Summer Story Selections

Tween Story Favorites

To continue our series on summer story selections, this post will focus on tween story favorites for 2014.  Many of the popular tween story favorites may not have a summer theme, but are high quality stories that will get your child to practice their reading while learning from engaging novels.

Flush by Carl Hiaasen

One of my personal stories is Flush by Carl Hiaasen.  This mystery is set in the Florida Keys where the tale leads the young heroes of the story try to prove that the casino boat is polluting the environment.  This is a fun story with science and summer themes.

Origami Yoda Series

Another popular series that I have really enjoyed is the Origami Yoda Series.  The first book is The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  Dwight, an introverted 6th grade student creates an Origami Yoda that he uses to communicate with other students.  When they communicate with the Origami Yoda, he seems to make predictions about the future.  This whole series has engaging comic-style drawing, teaches kids how to create origami Star Wars characters, and a fun plot line.  Girls, boys, and star wars fans will all enjoy this series.

The One and Only Ivan

For children that are animal lovers, the new book The One and Only Ivan is a great choice.  The story is about a captive silverback gorilla who’s life is changed when he meets a new baby elephant, Ruby, that joins the attraction.  Ruby makes Ivan see the world in a new light.  When I had students read this story, they cried and cheered and really connected with this novel.

What tween story favorites are on your child’s summer reading list this year?  Check back for our final post in summer story selections later this week.

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