Understanding the Movie Gravity through Reading

With the release of the movie Gravity for purchase and rental to watch at home, many families may choose it for the weekend family movie.  There are a few things you should keep in mind when renting this for family movie night.  First, there is some adult language and one graphic scene that you may consider to be inappropriate for your child. However, this movie provides a realistic exploration of space with amazing cinematic footage.  Watching this movie can segway into discussions on space exploration or even encourage your child to read more about space.

Learning about the shuttle program, spacewalks, gravity, and the dangers of space exploration can be enhanced by making a connection with the movies to books.  A good non-fiction series by DK Eyewitness Books is called Space Exploration.  This book provides current facts and photos about space exploration written specifically for kids.  It also includes a cd and poster for more learning.

Another great resource for kids is the NASA website for students.  On this site, kids can learn about endless topics on space exploration.  There are interactive videos and games as well as articles about asteroids, exploration, voyages, and how we utilize technology learned within NASA in our everyday lives.

After learning about space and watching the movie Gravity, your kids can also make connections between what was real and fake in the movie.  Here is a good article written by an astronaut that gives an in-depth look as to the reality and stretches in cinematic artistry in the movie.

How do you make connections to space and reading at home?

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