Vocabulary Games & Crafts

vocabulary gamesWhile your child’s teacher provides the direct instruction at school for your child to develop their vocabulary skills, providing extra practice at home can help your child to extend upon what they have learned in school.  There are many vocabulary games (online, apps and traditional board games) as well as craft activities that can be used to make learning vocabulary fun at home.

One website that is a great resource not only for vocabulary development but also spelling is Spelling City.  This website can turn your child’s vocabulary and spelling list into flash cards, games, or even a traditional spelling test.  It is a more engaging way to practice at home.  They also have learning games for children to develop their vocabulary skills and list of words that are important for various subject areas, grade levels and even lessons on grammar.  This is a great tool for parents to use to help build a word wall at home.  Many of the resources on this website are free, but there is a premium membership available for additional materials and games.

There are also hands-on crafty activities that you can do with your children to help them develop their vocabulary skills.  For younger children, you could have them use Lego’s and clay to build words.  This helps them to practice their sight words in a tactile way.  Just have them turn the Lego’s upside down and push them into the clay to build the words.  You can then have meaningful conversation about the word or even have them begin to build sentences using this method for them to show you their understanding.

Additional Games & Crafts Include:

  1. Shades of vocabulary with paint chips
  2. Word wall on the go with popsicle sticks and labels
  3. Sight Word Slap

Look for our continued series on vocabulary, with part three focusing on developing vocabulary through reading.