Ways to Celebrate Poetry

Ways to Celebrate Poetry

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Ways to Celebrate Poetry

After reading and writing poetry in the month of April, you can end your celebration with a wide variety of activities.  One activity would be to hold an open mic night.  This could be done for the month of April in lieu of a traditional kids book club.  Organizing this poetry reading is a breeze if you read and follow the steps on Poetry4Kids.  As a challenge, you and your guests could even memorize the poems that you are going to read.  If you can’t host a poetry jam, then it is very possible that your local library or children’s museum may be hosting one in honor of National Poetry Month.  Maybe you could even suggest it as an event at your school!

As a family, you could go and visit a poetry landmark.  Many homes of historical poets are available for tour or you may find an exhibit on poetry at your local museum.  Poets.org also has a list of famous landmarks honoring and about poems.  One place my family likes to visit is Key West.  As part of this trip, we could see several homes of famous poets and authors including Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway.

One activity that you can do at home or your local park would be to write a poem on sidewalk.  Using sidewalk chalk, you can help your child to write their own original poem or a few verses of a poem that you read together to leave for others to read.

How are you going to celebrate poetry this April?

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