Writing a Book with Your Child – First Draft

Creating a Book with Your Child – First Draft

After your child has their idea for their book, they should write a first draft.  For the rough draft, you can help them to organize their thoughts using a web diagram.  Eduplace has a variety of story maps that you could use with your child to plan their story.  This will help your child to plan out their story into sequential ideas.  For older children, you can also discuss the story elements and use a template like this in order to help them plan their ideas.

When writing the first draft, you could print out primary paper for younger children or use traditional lined paper for older children.  It is important for them to use lined paper to practice their writing skills.  If using regular paper, have them skip lines in-between and this will allow them more space to go back and edit their work.  You can help younger children by having them use the eraser to fix their mistakes and also by adding in information using proofreaders marks.  These are marks that they will see on their writing at school and it is important for them to know what they mean, how to read them, and how to use them.

After writing their first draft, they will move on to creating their final draft and complete book.  Check back later for the final post in this series about putting it all together.

What other methods have you used to helped your child when writing a first draft at home?

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